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Walkabout Essentials
Walkabout Essentials

Walkabout Essentials

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Imagine: Cold, refreshing water. As cool as a mountain stream. Right there by your side. The 100% Aussie wool this cooler bag is made from can keep your water that way, for up to six hours. Plus, the pockets on each side are a handy place to store your scroggin, maps and compasses, etc., and protect it all from the rain.


  • Tough, weatherproof oilskin looks good and ages like George Clooney.
  • 100% Australian wool to keep your drink bottle cool or your thermos extra warm.
  • Thick drawstring secures both the bottle and the temperature.
  • Two roomy bellows pockets to keep your scroggin, compass, map, and other walkabout essentials.
  • Designed for 750ml bottles.
  • Carry it in your hand or sling it across your body—the adjustable webbing strap makes hydration easy while walking or riding.

10 x 10 x 22 cm

0,4 kg

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